With Hero Chicken, you will gain access to a super simple–to–operate site building tool. It’s truly straightforward and it offers a dashboard that is going to be instantaneously recognizable to everyone who has ever dealt with an admin portal. The site building tool boasts quite a lot of different site templates which you can customize with just a click and build a website as you like. And to top it all off, every website template is fully responsive, so your new site will look perfect on phones, tablets and computers right away.

The site building tool is a component of the Hero Chicken Site Control Panel, present with all shared hosting plans, VPS plans, semi-dedicated plans, and dedicated web hosting plans plans.

A user–friendly site building tool

No web development background is necessary

The goal of our site building tool is to make website development uncomplicated and to assist you set up a modern–looking website without ever needing to type even a single line of CSS, HTML or PHP, or any other coding languages.

You could do this using layout elements which you could add to every website template and then personalize and re–arrange the way you like. Plus, to top it all off, you can delete the blocks you have no use for with a click. If you want to make your site more engaging, you can instantly embed videos and photos, or even a discussion portal to it.

And it all operates in a seamless manner.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

An assortment of easy to re–design website templates

Super cool themes that look superb on all devices

Using the site building tool, you will gain access to an array of zero–cost site themes for all kinds of sites such as individual pages, e–commerce stores, forums, etc.

Each website template comes in a few designs and supports lots of color combinations. Also, you’ll gain access to a big set of stock photos and will be able to select from over 100 different fonts for your website. Each site template is optimized for mobile devices. Should you want to replace a given site theme, you will be able to complete that with just a click. All of the pages and changes you’ve completed will remain intact.

An assortment of easy to re–design website templates

Built–in help desk and step–by–step videos

Find out just how quick and easy it indeed is to launch a web presence

The Hero Chicken’s site building tool offers a help desk which includes comprehensive step–by–step articles and video tutorials triggered by the most regularly asked questions by clients.

You will be able to check out how to edit your site theme and launch a brand new web page. Plus, you’ll be able to see how you can set a different website template or perhaps add a blog onto your site.

Plus, you can contact us 24/7/365 in case you require immediate help with your site.

Video Tutorials