One of the very best ways to learn how a particular operation is carried out is to watch a video where somebody else explains the right actions you have to accomplish. Specifically if you order a new web hosting account without having ever used this type of services beforehand, or if you have used a web hosting platform with another Control Panel and are unaware of the manner in which accounts are managed on the new one. An instructional video clip can teach you the simplest and speediest way to carry out a particular task within your hosting account, saving you the effort of examining different options till you find the one that you actually need, or of reading lengthy knowledge base articles, which can sometimes be ambiguous as to where you should go and what you should click.
Video Tutorials in Shared Hosting
As part of our shared hosting plans, we've prepared tons of video tutorials where you can see a demo of our functionality-loaded Hepsia hosting Control Panel. We’ve included both easy tasks like setting up a new email address or moving files between folders, and more complex ones such as creating an .htaccess file or exporting a MySQL database. We’ve also got various educational video clips that will explain to you what CPU load is or what error log files are used for. When you visit a given section of the Control Panel, you’ll be able to see relevant tutorial videos that explain how you can perform different procedures, but you can also find a full list of all the videos that we’ve got in another section, which you can visit by clicking on the Video Tutorials link at the bottom of the page.
Video Tutorials in Semi-dedicated Servers
Our semi-dedicated server plans include a rich catalogue of informative videos in order to offer you the option to use all the features and the entire power of our semi-dedicated server plans, even if you do not have any experience in such matters at all. Even if you are more skillful, you can still make use of the videos and learn how to use our functionality-crammed Hepsia hosting Control Panel. The topics that we’ve covered are broad – what’s system load, how to modify the PHP version that your semi-dedicated account uses or how to set up an electronic mail account with a couple of clicks of the mouse are just some instances. You can discover how everything is carried out and save tons of time, all the more so taking into consideration the fact that in every Control Panel section you can see only videos that will help you get acquainted with what you can do there. If you want to browse all the videos that we’ve shot, you can do that by clicking on the link, which is located at the bottom of Hepsia’s index page. With their help, you will be able to accomplish anything you want quickly and effortlessly.