Every time you upload information on a web hosting server, it takes some space on the hard disk drive depending on its size. In the event that you operate a script-driven internet site which keeps its data in a database, you will need more disk space, the more people make use of it. To give an example, in case you have a discussion board, the greater number of opinions people leave, the greater the database shall get. E-mails, especially ones using attachments, also need some disk space in the website hosting account. The hard disk space quota you get with your shared hosting supplier is the full amount of info you can have at any moment, and this incorporates site files, messages plus databases. Similarly, a computer has a hard disk and the computer software installed on it along with all docs and / or music files that you create or download require some space, which cannot exceed the overall capacity of the hard drive.
Disk Space in Shared Hosting
Our shared hosting plans were designed with the notion that not enough disk space cannot be something that will prevent the progress of your web sites. That's the reason why we've taken a technique which is different from the one that most website hosting providers take - instead of just making all the accounts using a singlle server and subsequently running out of storage space, we use a cloud hosting platform where the storage space is taken care of by a large cluster of servers. Because of this, we are able to install more machines in case they're required and / or more hard disk drives, in order to provide you with additional disk space for the files of our customers. Individual clusters control your e-mail messages and your databases, consequently not only will you be able to increase the size of your sites without having to worry about space, but also all of the servers will perform better and faster since every service does have its storage space and a single server does not handle different kinds of files.
Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Servers
With all our semi-dedicated server plans, the hard disk storage attribute is not limited, so that you'll be able to direct your attention to building your websites the way they should be and not worry about reaching a restriction. Unlike a number of hosting suppliers that set up your accounts using one server, we employ a custom cloud platform, which allows us to provide truly unrestricted disk space for each and every account. With a single machine, there are only so many hard drives that can be used, not mentioning that the most widespread hosting Control Panels weren't designed to work with numerous servers at the same time. Our system, however, functions with clusters of servers for the site databases, files and emails, and our in-house made Hepsia Control Panel was made to work with it. We're able to add as many servers to any of the clusters as required any time, so that the disk space is practically limitless.
Disk Space in VPS Servers
The hard disk storage that we offer with our VPS servers ranges depending on the package that you select when you sign up. By using a more powerful server, you are able to effortlessly operate an array of websites, which means additional content, thus the greater the VPS package, the more hard disk storage you'll have available. Changing from one plan to another takes a couple of mouse-clicks and it won't involve any service disruption. Your website files, databases and emails will share the the whole amount of space your server contains, but if you'd like to have preset allocations, you'll be able to select cPanel or DirectAdmin for the hosting Control Panel during your ordering process. Either of the instruments will enable you to set up hosting accounts with restricted hard disk space and when required, even to share out space from one account to another one. Using the third alternative that you will find on the order page, our Hepsia Control Panel, all domain names will share the storage.
Disk Space in Dedicated Servers
Choosing dedicated web hosting plans you'll get all of the hard disk space that you may need for your sites, databases, e-mail messages and applications. Hundreds of gigabytes of storage space will be accessible and not shared with anyone else, hence you're able to upload any info you would like - web site files, personal or company archive backup copies, and so on. You will get no less than two hard disk drives that function well in RAID, so one of the drives will mirror the other one in real time to make sure that all of your important information is always secured. If you prefer, you're able to use the hard disks independently and take advantage of the whole storage space the way you see fit. If needed, you can also get supplementary drives connected to the server and get even additional disk space. You'll have the option to set up hosting accounts with pre-defined hard disk space allowances when you get the server with cPanel or DirectAdmin for the website hosting Control Panel. Selecting Hepsia, which is the 3rd Control Panel solution on the order page, all domain names hosted on the server will share the disk space and they'll be controlled via one account. In either case, our dedicated packages will satisfy your needs no matter what kind of site you wish to host.